Session 1. Stroke Burden in India: Socio Economic Impacts on Health Infrastructure
With around only 2000 Neurologists for 1.8 million stroke patients in India, the burden on the health infrastructure is increasing every year. India lacks a stroke ready infrastructure and workforce. This session will highlight the current scenario and reality of stroke care in India, and the socio economic impact it has on the nation.

Session 2. Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery
A stroke occurs when part of the brain loses its blood supply and stops working. This causes the part of the body that the injured brain controls to stop working. People who survive a stroke have to be compelled to acquire skills they lost because of the injury. Rehabilitation helps them acquire those skills. This session will highlight the journey and possibilities for recovering from a Stroke.

Session 3. Technological Advances in Stroke Imaging, Management & Recovery
This session will highlight the role of technology in Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery. The session will cover the technological advancements in Stroke Imaging that can help reduce the delays in treatments and provide a chance of full recovery to patients.

Session 4. Stroke & Coronavirus Vaccine: Myths & Facts
With the stigma around Coronavirus Vaccine, a lot of myths have emerged regarding the safety and availability of the vaccine, including questions related to Vaccine Safety & Stroke Survivors. This session will focus on the facts & myths related to the Coronavirus Vaccine and its effects on Stroke Survivor Patients